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Overthought is a compelling examination of the lives of classical singers Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell, discussing performance psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship, life balance, self-doubt and the ways we overcome challenges to attain artistic triumph.

Hosted by Chris Mayell and Isaiah Bell

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26. The Plot

March 29, 2016

We understand the world through the stories we're told, and we make sense of life's random nonsense by weaving our own personal narratives. In a meandering misadventure ironically titled "The Plot", Chris and Isaiah unpack some of the ways that storytelling affects our lives: from the real world's continually shifting objectives (Chris says, "Take your current age, subtract ten. What was the thing you really needed back then to be super happy? Do you have it now? Of course you do! Are you happy? NO!") to our tendency to believe that the lives of others - or indeed of our own potential selves - are less complex than our current situations (Isaiah thinks maybe some people's whole lives really DO happen in transfer filter).


Would it be easier to take our own lumps if more people's stories were lumpy? And how much does the way we assemble the narrative of our past affect the events of our future? Also included: Isaiah says "you know" a truly maddening number of times, and Chris wantonly slags Broadway's most popular musical!

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26. The Plot
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