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Overthought is a compelling examination of the lives of classical singers Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell, discussing performance psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship, life balance, self-doubt and the ways we overcome challenges to attain artistic triumph.

Hosted by Chris Mayell and Isaiah Bell

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29. Perfectionism

April 19, 2016

Perfectionism: necessary condition for high-quality output, or pathological and counterproductive compulsion? FIND OUT HERE! Chris and Isaiah, two accredited perfectionists, would like to set the record straight. Where does perfectionism come from? It's certainly responsible for endless general dissatisfaction - and the abandonment of many worthwhile endeavours - but is it a valuable tool, or is it more trouble than it's worth? Can it be harnessed? Amid legitimately topical tales of craft projects gone wild, we also take our first Overthought-coined acronym out for a test spin. What could OUTBREED possibly mean? Find out heeeeeeere.....

66 minutes, 31.8 MB | Direct Download

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29. Perfectionism - Overthought, A Podcast
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