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50. Music Therapy

January 24, 2017

For Episode "Feel-Good Fifty" (it's our 50th episode, hurray for arbitrary milestones!) Chris and Isaiah attempt to loosen the shackles of confirmation bias. In this brief respite from our regularly scheduled programming ("Why Doing Music Makes Me Feel Bad, Parts 1-49"), we hear from soprano and music-psychotherapist-in-training, Lesley Emma Bouza. Throughout an interview that manages to be both educational and inspiring, Lesley eloquently advocates for her discipline via real-life examples of the who, what, and why.

How do the realities of daily life as a music therapist match up to our preconceptions? Who can benefit from music therapy? Is our societal perception of music as an elite art a hindrance or help in releasing its therapeutic properties — or can it somehow be both?

Lesley also graces us with a sweet and pithy haiku, and our fears that the Tibetan singing bowl is a heathen religious object are put squarely to rest.

55 minutes, 26.6 MB | Direct Download

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50. Music Therapy - Overthought, A Podcast
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