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Overthought is a compelling examination of the lives of classical singers Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell, discussing performance psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship, life balance, self-doubt and the ways we overcome challenges to attain artistic triumph.

Hosted by Chris Mayell and Isaiah Bell

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7. The Animal Nature

November 3, 2015

In this episode of 'Isaiah Misquotes Science', a discussion about instincts, in response to a singer who told Isaiah to always "go with your gut". But what if you literally can't hear what your gut is telling you, over top of all your mind traffic? Some people seem to be able to access this part of them more easily than others. But, apart from noticing & running away from lions, are there practical modern day situations where letting go, and following the gut allows us to do our best? Let's find out by overthinking the subject for an hour!

68 minutes, 32.6 MB | Direct Download

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