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Chris and Isaiah’s opinions are those of two 30 somethings who realize their world view is limited by age and will change over time. As fellow tenors and fellow Leos, we agree with each other so often – and so heartily – that the Overthought Podcast has been Un-officially subtitled Confirmation Bias. Hence, for balance, we may call on our imaginary foil, Straw Man Tom Hardy, to represent the Underthinker. [Any resemblance in character between Straw Man Tom Hardy and the English actor, screenwriter and producer of the same name is purely coincidental – however, listeners are encouraged to Picture the aforementioned whenever the straw man appears, or indeed at any point throughout the episode.]



Chris is conscious of his regional Canadian accent, particularly in the pronunciation of the word “about”. — He may occasionally de-aspirate his Ps – vestigial microphone technique from before he acquired a pop-filter – and he Will start some sentences with a stuttering grunting noise. Should he notice one of these behaviours in the moment, he’ll likely call attention to it by doing it again. This can lead to a Ritual of Self-Effacement and Positive Affirmation in which Chris vows to cut out segments containing the offending mannerisms and Isaiah reasserts that the charm of life is in its variations.


Similarly, Isaiah’s trying – with mixed results – to say “like” and “sort of” and “you know?” less, but may paradoxically feel compelled to point out unnecessary iterations of these already overused phrases with additional repetitions. He may also compulsively halt proceedings to search for the perfect turn of phrase when a handful of inexact synonyms would have done just as well. – Isaiah’s tendency to repeat himself is well above the national average… commonly mentioned anecdotes and life situations include – but are not limited to – Being 30, That Day I Did A Great Audition AND A Terrible Audition On The Same Afternoon, and my Absurd Pride About No Longer Reading Reviews.



Every episode will contain a minimum of one reference to therapy and/or evolution and there Is no Maximum, however bear in mind that we are neither scientists nor mental health professionals.


Overthought, A Podcast, is fuelled in part by recycled sayings, ideas, and bits of philosophy wantonly misquoted for the edification of our listenership. Pressing the opinions of others into service to support our own positions is one of the podcast’s essential traits, as well as, it could be argued, a fundamental form of human communication.


New meanings for existing terms may arise out of the overthinking process, and we also coin our own, In House. We are legally obligated to clarify, here:
    • “OUTBREED”, is an acronym of Overthought Unrelated Tangent Based on Recent Experience, Event, or Discovery, and it bears no relation to its false antonym.
    • “The Board Room” is understood to be the metaphorical one within our heads where instinct and reason vie for control of our behaviour – And unless explicitly stated otherwise articles said to have been Read were most likely link headlines Seen on Facebook whose content was at best skimmed.


Though we personally enjoy seasoning our conversations with the flavourful particles arbitrarily deemed vulgar by our society, the iTunes Store has forced us to choose between an *Explicit* label and accessibility to all. This explains the censorship.


Regular Listeners – or “the Lucky 37” – will have developed strategies to best digest and/or cope with Overthought:


In the event Isaiah is caught in a vortex of dubious psycho-babble, or an episode theme seems particularly abstract, please try to remember that the human experience is, ultimately, unknowable.


Since YOU, the silent majority, are the most essential ingredient of Overthought, we’re impossibly thrilled to hear Your comments, questions, anecdotes, and misquotes. Even disagreement, being such a rare event here, is welcomed.

We do try to keep things to neat hour-long chunks but should we run long, you can feel free to pause us whenever you like and we probably won’t even notice. Remember – what you’re hearing is an Edited version of the original recording, which was replete with Even More uncomfortable pauses, non-sequiturs, lost trains of thought, and extended parentheticals.


THIS BRINGS US, at last, to our Meta Disclaimer Disclaimer – reminding you that, on the Overthought Podcast, as in life, tangents and preamble are as essential to the meat of the topic as bread is to a sandwich – enjoy the show!